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David and Shekinah

Lamp Of David

Yenahaleni - You Lead Me, MP3

Imrei Phi - Words of My Mouth, MP3

Ani Eda - I Know, MP3

La Col Zeman - There is a Season, MP3

Tirzah - My Desire, MP3

Sham Atah - You Are There, MP3

Avi Matar - Father of Rain, MP3

All of the songs on this page are in classical Hebrew with portions from the Hebrew Bible put to music by us.

During the earlier years of our pilgrimage as we emancipated ourselves from Christianity we studied the original Hebrew texts of the Bible, wanting to better understand and relate to the Hebrew prophets. Although we do not refer to the Bible anymore in the way religious people do, to us a connection to the ancient seers and pilgrims of the past is important.

The ancients of the Bible lived a long time ago. The world was very different then, and their understanding of issues such as women's rights, non-violence, or racial equality was not developped as it is today. But these patriarchs were keenly aware of their autonomy which they attributed to their relationship to their God, Yahweh. They walked in close communication with him, and he protected their freedom and preserved them from exploitation by the empires around them. In later generations the tribes of the patriarchs turned away from Yahweh and lost this autonomy.

On our path of freedom we have profited from the spiritual heritage of these patriarchs. We do not elevate the Hebrew language above other languages, but to us, these songs intuitively communicate that heritage of autonomy, freedom and ardent love-relationship with God.