This is a spacer out of sight

David and Shekinah

Forever in Love

Szczecin, Poland, November 2014


I have searched, I have hoped, in darkness I have groped.
In the night I've longed for love's sweet song.
Then in the distance I heard your voice like a dove.
All darkness and sorrow, all fear of tomorrow were covered in love.

Now I long to rise, leave this world and its care
to rise to the sky to meet with you there.
Who are you my doves, I've inquired of my star.
He spoke to my heart, now I know who you are:
I know who you are:

You are the Pilgrims of Freedom and love is your home.
I long to be with you, wherever you roam.
I want to rise and fly on your wings of a dove.
And each day of our life will tell our story of love.
Each day of our life we'll be Forever in Love...
Forever in Love.

I thought on my ways I've turned my feet.
Your path of life is what I seek,
To explore love's ocean, I must leave the shore.
I took the first steps, but I want so much more...
I want so much more.

To be lowly and kind, to learn to receive
To help others find the strength to believe,
To break their chains of fear and pride,
To heal weary minds with understanding of life.
with understanding of life.

(chorus 2x)