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David and Shekinah

Beyond Today

Beyond Today, MP3


Beyond today beyond our pain
Where all is true there's a place for me and you.
Beyond today, beyond time and space.
Where all is grace, we'll meet again face to face.

I will search and find the way into that land beyond today.
Where we will meet again.

Beyond today, beyond our tears
There are no fears
Just open hearts just open ears.
If Heaven's true I know I'll meet you.
All we've been through was not in vain,
The trials the heartaches and the pain.

To wise that land's not far
It lies just beyond that star
I saw shining in your eyes.

One day the time will come and I'll be going home
My friends and lovers calling me and I'll be gone.
We'll walk those gentle shores strolling hand in hand,
And we will say: "it's all right, I understand!"

Beyond today where all is true
The sun won't set. I'll be waiting there for you.
Beyond today, beyond regret,
Where all are free
There's a place for you and me.