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David and Shekinah

Amazing Love

Amazing Love, MP3


You are so lovely, you touch my heart and mind.
You caress me in a way I can't define.
You kiss me like a promise of starlight.
You move me like a touch of the wind.

Each day with you I grow to understand
The one, who made you with such loving hand.
It's such a wonder, how it could be,
When he formed you, he thought of me.
Amazing love, Baby, such amazing love.

My God, you are so lovely.
You are my hearts desire.
The way you show that you want me,
It sets my soul on fire.
You are always near me.
I am walking on sunshine.
With your arms around me,
The whole world is mine.

It's such a wonder to understand:
God walks with us hand in hand.
He is the secret to the mystery
Of that endless love between you and me.
Amazing love, Baby, such amazing love.

We were fashioned in Heaven
With the passion of earth at the birth of the stars.
To us it was given, to be just who we are,
To be married to Love, to be walking on sunshine,
to open love's mysteries to all mankind.

Our love the world cannot contain.
It is more than all its oceans filled with rain,
More than all words of all lover's songs,
Who through all time for such love have longed.
Amazing love, Baby, such amazing love.

So this is my love song, I know, it is true.
This is my love song to my God and to you.
Baby, such amazing love, amazing love.