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David and Shekinah

Knocking at Your Door

Knocking at Your Door, audio MP3


I’m knocking at your door.
We’ve met in our dream.
We’ve touched in our hearts, and now a love did start,
A love so strong, the whole world will be healed.
Baby, there is so much more.
It’s our destiny.
We’ve stripped off all disguise.
We see in each other’s eyes
A whole new world of Love where everyone is free.

Let me be your Bridge over shattered hopes.
You’re the rainbow of my tears.
We journey far to the seven stars.
Our Song of Love is ringing in my ears.

We’ve been through much before. So Baby, it’s o.k. to cry.
But now let’s shed our fears and turn our tears
Into a fountain of the waters of new life.
Baby, there’s so much more, more than our wildest dreams.
The whole world will flow with the love we show.
Like an ocean it will reach from shore to shore.

Will you be my bridge over shattered hopes?
I’ll be the rainbow of your tears.
We journey far into the night
and trust that Love will make things right, all things right.

Baby, our Love won’t hide. It will spread far and wide.
The whole world will see, everyone can be free.
There is an answer to all misery and strife.
Baby, the stage is set, now that we’ve met.
The curtain is drawn, our love has dawned.
From our hearts shall flow life’s greatest symphony.

We will be their bridge over shattered hopes.
The rainbow of all tears.
We journey far into the night,
And trust that Love will make things right.

There is a stairway into Heaven
On our path straight through the fire.
Love is the challenge we’ve been given,
Because True Love is our desire.

I'm knocking at your door
with a love worth living for.
I'm knocking at your door.