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David and Shekinah

You Are My Song


You Are My Song, audio MP3


Through all times I've been searching for just who would start
To walk in my footsteps to feel each beat of my heart.
Now that I've found you my life's born anew.
Our hearts overflow with beauty and truth.
All things I believe are the things which you do.
This is what I've searched for and I found it in you.

Oh You, You are my song.
Oh how I've longed that we walk side by side.
Spread now your wings,
We take to the sky.
Together we fly.
You are my song.

So many walked with me, they walked part of the way.
They sensed my beauty but lacked the courage to stay,
To bleed with the humble, to wander the streets,
To learn the cry of the broken, so with my spirit they'd meet.
Now, that I've found you my heart is made whole,
Because you give me your all,
Your whole heart and your soul.

You, beautiful you,
You are my song.

Soon time is past, darkness covers the earth,
But the sign of our love has now come to its birth.
You are the flame, and I am the light.
Together we rise, we'll shine in the night.
Now, that I've found you I am no more alone,
Because to love we belong, and our love grows so strong.

O You, You are my song
Oh, how I've longed that we walk side by side.
Embrace me now, our time has come.
We shall be one.

You Are My Song.