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David and Shekinah

Sing Me
Your Melodie

(Written by David)

"We had just crossed the Border from the Ukraine to Hungary. It was December 21rst 2012.
God had woken me up in the middle of the night and told me. "From now on the People of Love will gather. A new cycle of Life has indeed begun. "

In the Ukraine we had been received so warm-heartedly by so many people. We had been singing in the streets and everytime we did immediately people gathered and a Family came together - our Family of Love.
People hugged us and they listened to our story and sometimes even danced to the music.
We told them about our life, how we roam the earth, walking with God since 2005. (We do not work for money, but trust God to supply our simple needs for food, clothing, for places to sleep and for transport, every day.)

God had directed us to come to Budapest and it turned out to be a very affluent and Western city.
Mid 2011 until mid 2012 we had been travelling in 12 countries of Africa, speaking to the people there and learning from them, (also going from city to city by faith not knowing where we would sleep the next night and where our next meal would come from).
After that we had been in Eastern Europe. So upon coming to Budapest we were faced with "the West" again where so many people are so overfed with almost anything and are becoming more and more insensitive.

We sat down on a bench in the town center and began to sing, and at first it was like singing to a wall, the wall of materialism.
But after a little while people began to stop and open up and we had a very beautiful time hearing about peoples lives and their feelings.
Then the phrase came to me: "Sing me your Melody". I began to sing it slowly as a little tune, which kept going around in my head for a while. Later the guitar chimed in and a new song began to form.

A new song, a new cycle of life, beginning on December 21rst 2012. The People of Love are found everywhere, like the Salt of the Earth. It seems like we all are growing and learning to become stronger.


Sing me your melody, Sing me your song.
Tell me where does it come from. I feel it´s where I belong.
Take me to the land where dreams are born.
Where the last are the first, no hearts bleeding and torn.
Somehow I feel deep in my heart:
We´ve been together right from the start.

Sing me your melody, tell me your story of life.
I´m tired of struggling just to live to survive.
Like the birds of the air your living so free.
Won´t you please touch my eyes so that I can see.
I´ve heard echoes in the wind but they were never this strong.
Please sing me your song.

Sing me your Melody, it leads me to give.
From now on just by talking I no longer can live.
I hunger to know your secret of life.
I´ve searched for a path to cease from my strife.
Through all those years for such freedom I´ve longed.
Please sing me your song.

Now I know that Love is destined to grow.
Where once was just hope it´s beginning to show.
I´ve heard echoes in the wind but they were never this strong.
Please sing me your song.
Sing me your Melody.