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David and Shekinah

Why we are not Christians

Christian institutions work hand in hand with the commercial society; we dropped out of both.

A large part of Christian doctrines serve to make of Christians submissive, non-questioning, privatized members of the commercial society. Such doctrines we reject. Instead we have been and still are developing our own spirituality issue by issue. We live an experimental life, not a life that is based on doctrines.

According to the records Jesus left the commercial system. He made himself vulnerable by basically becoming homeless and jobless. He didn't work in the strength of his own hands for his own livelihood, but invested his strength and time to inspire love, understanding, and forgiveness. He trusted God and the love of others for his daily needs.

In this way Jesus lived and taught complete consecration to God.

Sad to say, already among the early Christians there were only few exceptions, who lived like Jesus this complete dependence on God.

We are of the opinion that the coming society of love and justice can only be built up by people, who make a clear statement in word and deed against today's commercial society and its exploitation, bloodguilt, waste and greed.

Jesus once said that his followers would understand the truth and be free if they would put the whole of his radical message into practice. Christianity has swept the drop-out/activist message of Jesus under the carpet, to the loss of freedom and understanding of truth. They were replaced by the widely accepted doctrine, that one can serve God and the commercial society at the same time, although in the New Testament Jesus is quoted saying that this is impossible.