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David and Shekinah

Autonomy, Autarky, Sovereignty



To be autonomous means in the strict sense of the word to live under one's own law.

I look up to the example of Jesus very much who developed an understanding of a rule of total love, which he lived and tried to impart to his disciples. His rule of love was so revolutionary that Christianity has not really understood it to this very day.

He indicated that whatever rules his disciples would make for themselves should be relative to love, and not be based on unquestioned traditions and norms. That meant total freedom and the challenge to live love to the full.
I want to live that way.



The word autarky comes from classical Greek and simply translated means self-sufficiency or self-catering, implying independance from outside.

In my opinion humans are primarily social beings, and we all need each other. David and I are not seeking a state where we do not need anyone else. Human exchange is central to us. In our pilgrim life there is a constant exchange between us and outsiders. We share our experiences, our inspiration, our love; and people around us share with us their experiences, inspiration and material things as well. This exchange is entirely voluntary, and so David and I live an unbound life.

In view of commercial society's mistreatment of laborers and animals, the waste, pollution and unhealthy industrially produced food, a growing number of people strive for self-sufficiency, and with that some level of independence from the system, by producing their own food and other necessities of life.

I too certainly wish for a society, where human beings, animals and nature are treated with respect and appreciation, so I relate to and appreciate such efforts. Yet for me the way to such a society is activism.
The fact that David and I don't settle down makes it possible for us to go wherever we feel led to go to speak with, inspire, and help motivate people, and to meet those we are meant to meet.

Making our own clothes, shoes and bags is an aspect of physical self-sufficiency, which David and I maintain on the road as pilgrims as part of our statement against consumerism and exploitation.
(See also "Why are you dressed this way?")

I think one could say that I have spiritual autarky in that I take time to meditate and pray about and form my own opinions and attitudes. I edeavor to inform myself from alternative sources, especially on controversial subjects. I try to stay open to new ideas and views presented to me, yet I ponder carefully, what to adopt, adapt or reject.


(By David:)

Sovereignty is the right to rule ourselves, without interference of any outside party. The King of a nation used to be viewed as sovereign, or an independent government of a nation.

Today, because of the international finance system, no political government is truly sovereign anymore.

Jesus, according to what is written about him, did not refuse to be called a King, a sovereign. He did redefine though what being a King meant to him: it meant to be everyone's servant.

Jesus presented a vision of turning the present social order of humanity right side up, a social system where love is authority, not violence and coercion.

I am of the opinion that Jesus had spiritual sovereignty. He had the spiritual strength to live his vision without compromise.

Jesus left the materialistic system and practiced sovereign rule over his spirit, his attitudes, his actions towards people and his reactions to them. No matter what anyone would do to him, he developed the strength that his reaction and actions were those of love, truth and right.

I want to develop that strength. I am still learning, but I have entered the school of being a pilgrim, the same school of life which Jesus is recorded to have attended.