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David and Shekinah

How we become One With God

(By Shekinah:)

Jesus is recorded to have said of himself, that he was one with God, whom he called Father. On the other hand he also is quoted saying that God was greater than he himself and that without God he would not have any wisdom and could not do anything.
I do not see any contradiction in these two seemingly conflicting statements.

When I think about the awesome mind that created the universe and humankind I feel very small in comparison, yet I feel that we can become completely one with God in love.

In my opinion, the love energy does come from God him/herself, but it is our decision whether or not to open up to this freely available energy and to let it flow through us - a decision, which no one can take from us, not even God.

Love can neither be forced nor automated, or it would not be love. For this reason I feel how much God appreciates and even longs for us to voluntarily decide to love him/her and others.

Whenever a human being allows God's love to flow through him or her, he or she becomes one with God.