David and Shekinah

Jesus, My Mysterious Lover

(By Shekinah:)

Jesus is really a mystery, both, the historical figure as well as the spiritual entity Jesus.

Some people question the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth, but I do not. There are hundreds of fragments of distinct writings about the life of Jesus, dating from the first centuries AD, a lot more than there are historical documents about many other persons, whose existence is recorded in our history books.

The difference about the accounts of Jesus of Nazareth is that with the record of events surrounding his physical life and the things he is recorded to have said, there are also descriptions of supernatural happenings interwoven - the miracles he is recorded to have performed and those surrounding his birth and death. Whether these miracles really happened in the way described, is often point of argument between those who believe it and those who don't. In my opinion, it is rather futile to argue about things, which cannot be proven by either side. Of course, people should be free to believe as they wish.

I do not see the Bible as the flawless, untouchable "word of God", yet I am personally inclined to think that these miracle stories could have happened the way they are transmitted, at least to some extent. One reason, why I think so, is because I myself have had a few supernatural experiences when calling on the spiritual entity Jesus, and I have personally met many people, some of them good friends, who also have had supernatural things happen to them through calling on Jesus.

Jesus of Nazareth is quoted saying that God was greater than he himself, and that he (Jesus) could not do anything without God's power and did not know anything, but what God would show him. These quotes bring out clearly that Jesus did not consider himself to be The All-Pervading God. In my opinion, it would also not make any sense that The All-Pervading God, present anytime, anywhere in all of creation, could have been confined to one human being 2000 years ago. And if that had been the case, then to whom was Jesus talking, when he was praying?!

Jesus is also recorded saying that he was One with God. A quote which I think many in Christianity take to mean that Jesus is The All-Pervading God. But I think anyone, who opens up enough to become a channel for the Spirit of God to flow through him or her, becomes One with God for the time, when it flows. It could be that Jesus learned to do it that much, that it became almost a constant state for him.
Nevertheless, judging by the records about him, it is quite clear that even until shortly before his death Jesus also had his very human moments, which sure makes it easier for me to relate to him on a human level and gives me hope for myself.

In my opinion, it is impossible for human beings to attain some state of total perfection, but that we will stay fallible. If attaining total perfection were possible for a human, it would divide those who would have attained from those who had not, and beautiful compassion would turn into mere pity.

The name Jesus means "salvation, rescue, help, liberation". It does seem, that the rescuing Jesus energy, which I have personally experienced, can be accessed in many places simultaneously, which is really a God-quality.

I also hold conversations with Jesus, and I have the distinct impression that he personally communicates with me. And this seems to be happening for many people in different locations simultaneously as well.

For me, being human, it is indeed difficult to imagine being capable to be present in more places than one. Maybe Jesus, who, in my opinion, clearly was human when he was on earth, is now in a state, where he is capable of that, or maybe it just works some other way, and that "Jesus" is like a key-word, which just triggers things and opens possibilities in the spiritual world.

It is a bit of a mystery to me, but then I think, I don't really need to know, at least not at present.

For now, what I can say is this: All that I experience and perceive to be Jesus, which is independent from religion, has been and still is enriching my life and strengthening my resolve to live an alternative life outside of the commercial system, being a voice for what I understand and am learning to be truth.