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David and Shekinah

Are You a Couple?

We have a multiple intimate relationship - we include God, the male and the female entity. We also have an intimate relationship with Jesus, as lovers. In our multiple intimate relationship is room to expand.

We followed God's call to leave the system and stay on the road with God in complete dependance on her/him, which intensifies our intimacy with God. This way we experience God in a privileged way.

The room to expand:
We, David and Shekinah, have been together since 1980. We raised four children together, and by now we have six grandchildren. We are very grateful indeed for each other and that we share the same desire of consecration to God.

During our time of pilgrimage we have grown even closer to each other. God knows how much we love each other; but we do not consider the other our private property.

We do feel it is God’s desire that human beings learn to love each other so deeply, that they do not need any kind of rigid law any more, except love being the only rule and standard to evaluate behavior; and in our opinion that includes marriage laws.

So many people have the desire to show their love to more than one person, also sexually, and they feel hampered by society's and religion's present mores and often hypocritical ethics.

In today's Western Christianity-rooted culture, faithfulness in a relationship is usually defined as loving only one person intimately. But to us faithfulness in a relationship is not synonymous with a possessive and exclusive claim, but rather it means not stopping to love a person.

We love each other very much and therefore, in open and honest communication, allow each other to love another person or persons intimately.

During our life together, we have lived in expanded marriage relationships a number of times. In living in a communal marriage, there are more factors involved than just the people within the expanded marriage living harmoniously together. Communal marriage is controversial.

To live in a communal marriage and to be open about it towards the general public takes tremendous spiritual strength, because the present society ostracizes and maligns those who live in such relationships.

Therefore living communal marriage in all its consequence is, along with all the joy of togetherness it brings, a great sacrifice and a challenging opportunity to learn to become more like Jesus, who was willing to suffer for his controversial message.

Learning to develop our capacity to love, to overcome jealousy and selfishness have been challenges in our expanded marriages, but also wonderful lessons and good practice in learning to be a citizen of the New Society of Love in which all strive to be as loving as God is.