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David and Shekinah

How do you get from place to place?

There were different periods in our pilgrimage. In Latinamerika we walked very much for about half a year, sometimes it was 150 or 200km from one town to the next.

Inside of the towns in the course of our days we still walk quite a lot, but to get from town to town we have not gone on foot since that time.

Especially in Europe and the USA we have hitchhiked a lot, on other continents we have traveled more by public transport.

It happened many times that a transport company or a driver himself has given us a free ride, or a customer, who heard us talking with the driver, paid for our fare.
Sometimes someone offered us money for tickets to get to the next town.
As mentioned before, we sometimes have asked people for a contrbution towards transport costs.

We have no set ways but seek God's guidance for every move.

Whenever God has been showing us that it was time to move to another place, which at times meant crossing an ocean or in some other way cover a large distance, God has always in one way or another opened the door for us to get to that place.

When, in 2012, after a year in Africa, we needed to fly from Johannesburg to London, God suggested to us to not ask anyone for help this time, and said that he/she would see to it that people would help us without our asking.
This was more of a challenge in South Africa, because there overstaying our visas might have meant jail for us.

We had about one month left. Again and again it happened, when we were visiting someone or with some of the many people we met in the streets during the day, that we were asked where we were going next and how we would get there, and then the person would offer help without our asking. Three days before our visas were up we boarded the airplane.

Although it might be interesting, to visit as many coutries as possible, this us not our goal. God is guiding us and has ben showing us countries, cultures and social conditions, and we have been learning through our many, at times very moving encounters with people from many different backgrounds. We are in a school, learning about God's perspective.

For us walking with God is a basic way of life, a basic view of life. According to the records Jesus never traveled further than about 120km from his home town, but his way of life made history.