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David and Shekinah

What do you eat?

Much of the time we eat, what people give us. But we also buy food, when we have the money for it.

Sometimes, if God leads us to do so, we ask at a market stand, in a shop, restaurant, snack-bar or a private person for something to eat.

We thankfully accept that, which is given to us in love.

In general we try to eat as wholesome food as possible, depending on the circumstances.

Are you vegetarians or vegans?

(By Shekinah:)

As mentioned above, in our pilgrim/activist life much of the time we thankfully eat, what is given to us. That includes meat and milk products.

People choose to be vegetarians or vegans for a variety of reasons. I love animals and I have personally pondered this subject a lot, but I have come to the conclusion to not reject eating meat once in a while.

The cycles of nature are being upheld and flourish through a constant giving and taking. Everywhere in creation life is taken from one thing to give life to another, and that happens in countless variations. There are even meat-eating plants.

Human beings are part of that great natural cycle of the physical life on present earth. Therefore in principle I think that it is just as acceptable to eat meat as it is to eat plants.

From what I understand, the human body's digestive system is similar to that of the omnivores in the animal world, such as pigs and bears. It seems to me that the human body functions well with the occasional meat consumption. In my opinion it is the excesses, which cause the problems.

I very much deplore the maltreatment of workers, animals, of plants and the environment in today's food production. In many cases the physical cruelty towards animals is particularly appalling. Mainly because of this, if there is a choice, although I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, I often rather eat vegetarian or vegan food.

I see a very urgent need for humankind to turn to responsible living, in harmony with nature, with respect and appreciation.