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David and Shekinah

Is your pilgrim life
dangerous at times?

We experience an amazing protection over our pilgrim lives. We have in been in cities with a high crime rate and found ourselves at night without money, not knowing anybody and not having a safe place indoors - cities like Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Rome, London, Seoul, Delhi and others.

God has always protected us, guided us and often, even at a very late hour brought someone our way, who took us in, or God kept us in the streets, a few times having a precious encounter with someone in the middle of the night. We were never assaulted and never even had anything pickpocketed from us.

When the protective force field around us is impaired in any way, and we suffer even a small loss or hurt, there is always a reason for it and something God wants to show us, and we communicate with him/her about it.

Having travelled many thousands of miles since 2005, at times in rather questionable vehicles, over very rough terrain or with unskilled drivers, we are strongly aware of God's miraculous protection during transportation.

We are very aware of God's protection, and we are very thankful for it.