This is a spacer out of sight

David and Shekinah

How do you get guidance?

We communicate with God in our thoughts, by getting quiet in our spirit and seeking God`s presence. Most of our guidance we receive in this way.

Sometimes God also speaks to us in a dream, or through signs, or through what other people are doing or saying.

We seek God's voice for direction concerning our practical course of action many times on a daily basis. For example, when we are on the move and have not received previous direction to a specific location, we seek guidance on the spot, such as, "go right... , go left... , go straight... , now wait here, somone is coming." We have had many marvelous encounters happen that way.

Potentially dangerous situations naturally create an urgency to receive God's guidance immediately and clearly. We consider this an important spiritually strengthening exercise.

Urgency stimulates soberness and a desperation, which opens us up to God. There have also been situations, where there was no time to retreat into quiet prayer and meditation, and the voice of God clearly guided us into a safe haven or God saw to some other solution.

Often we are also just swept along by God's current, and we realize in retrospect that he/she had arranged everything perfectly.

Many times we are sure of what is God's voice, other times we are not so sure. We are still learning.

Learning to receive God's guidance is a marvelous and in our opinion most valuable school to be in. As wonderful things happen we desire all the more to improve in our diligence to seek this guidance.

Apart from very practical direction we very much seek God's presence in our desire to understand and also simply because we treasure being with him/her.

We feel that God too treasures when human beings seek his/her presence.