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David and Shekinah


Give Me Love


Give Me Love, audio MP3


"Give Me Love" filmed by Enino in his dorm, January 2013, Joanina, Greece


The book of time has turned its page.
In this information age
A war over the mind is waged
of every woman, every man.
Distractions, lies of every kind,
Told to confuse, to twist the mind.
Where is the truth where can I find
The strength to live in Freedom in our land.

The kings of banks and big industry
They want us for their property,
Control the things we hear and see
To be a captive of their lies.
The media try to hide the facts.
Still we see the dirty acts,
Still we see the children bleed,
And tortured victims cry.

I refuse to be their fool,
Refuse to be their dumbed down tool,
A blind consumer who just plays it cool.
Believe me there were times I tried
To hide the questions on my mind
But deep inside my heart and spirit cried:

Give me Love! Give Me Love!
I've got to tell truth from lie.
Give me Love! Give me Love!
I want to stand up for what is right.
This world knows so much pain.
Give me Love to make a change.
I want to learn to be a fighter,
Make my brother's burden lighter.
It's time to rise against all lies
And be a fighter for love.

My conscience aches like a living hell,
Just who means ill, and who means well,
So hard to tell under the shopping spell.
I want integrity.
I need the truth, I've got to start
To really play an active part,
Speak out the things on my mind and heart,
And help the people see.

Oh God, I need the strength to live,
To be someone, who shares and gives,
Not someone, who just runs and hides
Behind his private life.
Jesus, if you are really there
then I don't care what people say.
If you're the way, the life, the truth
I want to be like you.