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David and Shekinah

Standing Strong

Standing Strong, audio MP3


We are standing strong
Right where we belong.

Our global nation needs coordination
Appreciation of the beauty of heart and mind.
Bio-diversity, we live tribal harmony.
Living indivduality communally.

(Repeat Chorus:)

We are destined to live free
To live cosmic unity
Working together organically
We think globally, we act locally.
We embrace each other fully,
We are living in love.
Together we go far
We're reaching for the stars.

(Repeat Chorus:)

Do me a favour, respect my labour.
Blood sweat and tears are shed to build our life together.
If someone talks to you unkind,
Don't mind, help him find his inner harmony.
That's community, unity and solidarity.

(Repeat Chorus:)

Inspiration, Creation, Relaxation
That's how is goes.
Inspiration, Creation, Relaxation,
That's how it flows.
We are standing strong right where we belong.

(Repeat Chorus:)
Strong in unity, strong in community, strong in solidarity.
We sing love's song.