This is a spacer out of sight

David and Shekinah

Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now, audio MP3


Hurrying, scurrying, worrying, flurrying,
Racing, pacing, chasing, yearning,
Pushing, shoving, aching, turning:
Can you hear the sound?

People running to and fro.
Where they’re going, they don’t know.
What’s inside them, they don’t show
In the underground.

No one knows the other's name,
They keep running just the same,
Commuting, confusion
In the Underground.

I saw your face flashing by,
Saw the longing in your eyes.
I felt your soul reach out to me,
Heard your cry, please, set me free.
But where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

I caught your thoughts in the wind.
But now you’re gone, see you no more.
Train was rushing, closed the door
In the Underground.

Impressions, depressions
Of advertising flashing by,
But you were real, I heard your cry
In the Underground.

My heart did race, my thoughts did fly,
No time to stop and analyze.
Gotta find you before our spirits die
In the underground.

In the matrix of the city
I hear stifled cries for pity,
Buried alive, they fight to try
Living Underground.

Tangled in a web of lies,
Isolation is the price,
Hearts are growing cold as ice
Living Underground.

Someone make me strong enough
To make to contact, call the bluff.
In the prison of this town
Souls are dying, going down.
But where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

I had a dream, there were no more strangers,
Loving people walking by and by.
If there’s a God, who lives in Heaven,
Won’t he hear, when someone cries?

Thank God, I saw your face again,
Stopped the train, reached out my hand,
Come on, Baby, let’s get out
From living underground!

I thank God, I found you girl.
Let’s go, and make a better world.
Free the people, that are bound,
From living underground.

I see their faces flashing by.
I see the longing in their eyes.
I feel their souls reach out to me.
I hear their cry, ”Please, set me free!”
Let's spread love all around.
Let's spread love all around.
Let's spread love all around
To the people that are bound.
Let's spread love all around.