This is a spacer out of sight

David and Shekinah

You Touch Me Now


The memory of days of strife
was burning in my chest.
I was a slave just to survive.
I fought for life, I could not rest.

I was caught in lies, I feared the cries
of war and pain around me.
The fear of death had bound me.
I felt so lost, but no one found me.

But you touch me now,
Never let me down.
Though night falls all around,
The light of your love is always with me.

God gave me Freedom, Freedom.
God gave me Freedom, Freedom from it all.

You bear me up on eagle's wings,
You taught my eyes to see,
That beyond all lies is a land of love,
Where everyone is free.

Since I stepped out to walk with God,
I found my destiny.
Now I know, I was not born to die,
But to live reality.


God reached down from above,
He put this gift of Freedom in my hand.
Now I'm walking with my God
In the Land of Love.