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David and Shekinah

Trail of My Blood


Trail of My Blood, audio MP3


Video clip recorded under a plastic sheet in the rain in a park in Leipzig, Germany, summer 2013


I was whipped, I was stripped, despised, and torn.
Listen up, Baby, for you I was born.
Some loved and believed me, some tried not to care,
But none could ignore it when my fire was there.
I was prophet and healer, beggar and King;
my life was a message, and a song to sing.

Some say, I’m square, some say, I’m odd.
Do you know, who I am? I am the son of God.
You say, you’re surprised, you had no idea.
Listen up, Baby, the fire is here.
Let me light up your flame, set your trail in the sky.
Take me into your heart, and we’ll fly so high.

The days of my passion, the nights of my love,
If you want to know me, Baby, look above.
Listen, I’m Jesus, and Freedom’s my name.
Truth is my fashion, Revolution’s my game.
If you want to be free, want to know where it’s at:
Just follow my footsteps, and the Trail of my Blood.

You say, you're tired of the devil and his phony perks,
His illusions for losers in his kingdom of jerks.
Then drop out of the masses, which never make a sound.
For those mindless robots nothing goes down.
But you're an ego-junkie, the devil’s dupe.
Don’t get stuck in his bucket of overdose puke.
I’m the master of love, get stuck on me,
For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

You say my tango is cool, I’m number one, and you’re two.
You’re tired of the devil, and his dirge of the blues.
But you go through withdrawals, you're hung up on yourself.
Let me help you put your cookies on a lower shelf.

Stick with me, Baby, and my rock and roll.
Go jump in my bed girl, and I save your soul.
You say, your nine to five is dull and a bore,
But I can only help those who are looking for more.
It’s time to make up your mind. What are you living for?
Make sure you’re worth saving, or you might run from my door.

The days of my passion...